You can read about the first 10 days of down regulating here.

Day 11 ~

Working today, no real change in my ear, suppose I had hoped it would suddenly just clear up but it hasn’t. I had a bit of a melt down last night, just felt so overwhelmed and emotional about everything. I’m scared this is all going to be in vain and I’ll end up with this hearing problem & tinnitus forever. Have been having some cramping on and off so would be expecting AF to turn up soon. Second injection went well today to but boy am I exhausted and my head is killing me

Day 12 ~

Bad headache all day not lifting with water, really don’t want to take paracetamol. Very strong cramps overnight and AF arrived late last night. Glad it’s arrived in a way though as I had been worried as the clinic had said it should arrive within a week of starting. Struggled with injection this morning, think it was because I was so tired and feeling like I’d been hit by a bus when I got up. Even managed to accidentally stab myself in the finger…ooops.

Day 14 ~

Today has not been a good day, started off with a really bad headache which I relented and took paracetamol for which did help. I’m still really pushing myself to drink at least 2 litres of water a day which I think does really help. I’ve just felt so exhausted today, like overwhelmed by it. I had to have a rest in the car at lunch time, I didn’t manage to sleep but it did feel better to rest for a while. Though over the afternoon I felt really nauseous and the headache came back. I ended up coming home from work a bit early and slept for 1.5 hours, even after that I still felt exhausted. Really hoping for a better day tomorrow! Only slight change in my ear, I was really hoping it would be back to normal by now but I suppose when I think about it why would it be when it’s a listed side effect of Buserelin not just the nasal spray.

Despite the side effects I’m still trying to be positive, to focus on the good things and to continue to choose hope.


Day 17

I’m starting to count down to stims now. Hopefully when I get my baseline scan in a few days we can get a plan in place to start the stimulation phase and get an estimated date for egg collection. I’ve not really allowed myself to think too much about this part and I’m still trying not too as there is so much that can go wrong in this part in terms of cancelled cycles, not responding etc. It’s all a little to much for my fluffy side effect of Down regulating brain to take in! I’m just hoping that stims helps take away some of this exhaustion.


Day 19 ~

Today is the first day I can really hold my hands up and say that I am a hormonal wreck. Angry, irritable, tearful, you name it. Not a pleasant day and I must hold my hands up to my husband not reacting to me being a snippy cow. I have been worried about the scan coming up, I had my AF around day 10 for 4 days but since then I have had breakthrough spotting/bleeding on and off. I hope this doesn’t mean my lining isn’t thin enough to start Stims

Day 21 ~

Baseline scan day. Both ovaries inactive, lining of womb thin enough to start. No issues! Did speak with nurse about the spotting after my period and it’s quite common, she said it meant things were working well and the scan showed that.
So we got our next set of injections, a prefilled injector pen this time so we had a quick demo and got the instructions for dosage written down along with booking in my action scan for next week to see how my
Follicles are growing. Tomorrow will be just continuing on the Buserelin injections and then on Day 23 I will start adding in stimulation injections using 150mg Gonal F. Keeping positive.

Claire xx

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