My second progress scan showed a good improvement in my follies from the scan 3 days before. I still only had the two on my left ovary but they were now up to 16mm each and my right had 1 x 20mm, 3 x 18mm, 1 x 17mm, 1 x 16mm, 1 x 14, 1 x 13mm & 2 x 10mm which was a great improvement on the Friday.

I had to wait on a call back from the clinic after my results were reviewed and that came around lunchtime. We were good to go for collection and it was booked in for Wednesday morning.

IMG_8631.JPG I was instructed to take my trigger shot at 11pm which was 35.5 hours before the planned collection and told to fast from the midnight before. All of my other Injections were to stop which meant that I got an Injection free day the day before collection.

We had to be on the ward at 8.15am so it was a very early start to do the 1 1/4 hour journey up there. No food from midnight the night before and I was only allowed up to 250ml of clear fluid before 7am.

We got to the ward at 8.10am and were quickly shown to our bed space. It was a hive of activity then, getting booked in, meeting the consultant, getting prepped for theatre and meeting with the embryologist. Everyone was so nice and put us at ease from the minute we walked in. I was third on the list so we had a little bit of a wait but not too long, luckily I had brought some magazines so we read those to pass the time.

Suddenly it was my turn and I was wheeled of to the theatre and hubby was sent to the men’s room to do his bit. I can’t remember much of this part, Dundee use deep sedation which I was told was a level down from a general anaesthetic, before I went in I was told that I would answer questions if I was asked them but wouldn’t recall any of it and boy is that true! I can remember a slight pain then the next thing was I was in the corridor being wheeled back with them telling me I had talked throughout and told them all about the blog! It’s as well I’ve not said any bad things.

Once back on the ward area my stats were checked and we were told we got nine eggs, we were really happy with that as the consultant in the morning had estimated it at 7. I was a little uncomfortable, like a bad period pain, I had been given some pain relief in theatre but did eventually ask for some paracetamol as well which helped ease the cramps.

IMG_8645.JPG After some tea and toast (much needed) and a couple of glasses of water I felt good enough to get up and moving about. Before discharge I just needed to make sure I could go to the bathroom with no issues, which was fine and we were good to go, along with a big bag of progesterone pessaries…..nice! I was instructed to use one that night then one every day up until our official test day. And we were on our way home to await the call from the embryologist the next day to let us know how many fertilised.

I was uncomfortable for the rest of the night so I spent most of it dosing on the sofa with a hot water bottle attached to my tummy which really did help. My husband was great looking after me and making sure I still kept up with my water intake. I was still very bloated and that continued on the day after but thankfully 2 days post egg collection I don’t feel the size of a house. Thankfully I have no signs of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which was always in the back of my mind and I feel back to myself today.

We got a call nice and early the day after egg collection to say that 7 out of our 9 eggs have fertilised so we were both very happy about that. They will check them again on day 3 and give us a call to let us know how many are continuing to grow and to give us a time for egg transfer on day 5. The clinic aim to do all transfers on day 5 and will discuss with us on that day how they are looking again. They aim to do a single embryo transfer only if any have managed to get to the top level but if they haven’t then we may need to be discussing if we want to return more than one. This of course would increase the risk of twins so I think we have some discussing to do incase this is what happens!

Claire xx

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