From Infertility to Pregnancy Conference

I recently received an email from Sarah over at Fertile Mindset talking about an upcoming online conference called From Infertility to Pregnancy.  If you don’t follow Sarah I suggest if you are trying to conceive that you do, she specialises in EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT, or Tapping, is a remarkable method of reducing and often eliminating negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, shame and anger to name just a few. The process is often quick, painless and simple to learn, with results that are real and permanent. 

I have used EFT through my work and really feel that it works and now I am using it for TTC, it costs nothing, doesn’t hurt and helps relax you, what is there to lose.

Anyway, Sarah held a tele summit a few months ago which was really interesting and I signed up to her emails, this one just came in yesterday and really caught my eye.  It is for an online conference which will be running over the course of two weeks, all you need is access to a computer or phone so you can listen in to the speakers.  You can sign up here and its free!  This is how the site describes the conference.

Let me ask you this….. 

  • Are you doing everything you have been told to do but you still do not have your baby?
  • Are you currently using ART  and you want to increase your chances of success?
  • Are you wondering if your stress is playing a role in your fertility?
  • Are you concerned about your age and feel like time is running out?
  • Are you interested in bringing some intimacy and joy back into the baby-making process?
  • Have you been wondering if a more natural treatment regimen might help?
  • Does your infertility have you feeling completely out of control?
  • Do you want to know everything you can to increase your chances of having a baby?

The conference will be running from the 21st April – 4th May and if you go on the site you can see the list of speakers and the schedule. The conference is based in the US and will run on PST time which is -8 hrs currently so most of the speakers will be on around 9pm our time.  You also have 48 hours to listen to them for free.

I’m a great believer in healthy mind healthy body, and although I know that this alone does not get you pregnant I think that it helps to be able to relax and attempt to enjoy the trying to conceive process.

I’ve signed up, are you going to?


Claire xx

Cheese Stuffed Beef Burgers


On Saturday I decided to make some home-made burgers and these were absolutely gorgeous! A quick meal to make for a night at home and I would definitely be making them again. I thought I would share the recipe for those of you who love a nice burger.

Serves 4

500g Fresh beef mince
1 onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 tbsp chopped thyme
55g Lancashire or feta cheese
4 burger buns
salt and pepper
Rocket leave to serve

Preheat the grill, mix the beef with the onion, garlic and thyme in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper and mix well until combined. Divide the mixture into 8 portions and shape each portion into patty shapes.

Make a indent in the four patties and fill with cheese, top with the remaining four patties. Press the edges together, smooth them with a palette knife to enclose the cheese completely.

Cook under the preheated grill for 5 – 6 minutes on each side. Serve in the toasted buns with rocket leaves.

They were amazing, quick and easy and I would tell everyone to try them at least once!

Claire xx

Pin-it-do-it Challenge

Inspired by Bex over on Olivedragonfly I decided to take part in a pin it do it challenge on Saturday whilst the hubby was at the football.

Olive Dragonfly Pin It Do It

Our niece will be making her First Holy Communion in May and I really wanted to get her a personalised card. I had seen these ones and had pinned them a while ago, I was just going to buy one but then I thought I really should just crack open my hundreds of craft things and make one myself. I loved making cards a few years ago but recently haven’t really been making any.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I then came up with my own card using ideas from both of the ones that I had pinned. It was really quite simple, I just needed some sparkly card, paper, corner cutter and stick on jewels.

photo 1-3


I designed the wording just using Microsoft word and some fonts that I had downloaded from Dafont, the font I used was called Sweetness, once I had decided on the front I also thought it would be really nice to make an insert to make the card look at little more professional. I downloaded a picture of a cross from Microsoft Clipart and found a verse online which I used on the insert.


photo 3-3


To also give a good finish I like to round the corners of the card, it is really easy to do with a corner cutter and I feel it just helps that little bit sometimes to make the card well finished.


On the front I decided to go plain, I struggled to find any pictures that I could download for free so I just went with the option of making a cross out of the jewels, my niece loves sparkly things so she will love them!


photo 2-3


All in all it took about 45 mins to make in total so a very quick thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t wait to give it to her on her special day.


photo 5-3

Claire xx

Taking it a step further – Fertility Testing


Written – Friday 8th March – 10.30pm

I have just spent a lovely few days with mum and sister, no thoughts of trying to get pregnant, though I have had quite a few butterflies today when I let myself think about what we need to do tomorrow.

What are we doing you might wonder? We are attending a fertility clinic for results of fertility testing we have just had done and to carry out a few more tests.

We have been trying to get pregnant for 10 cycles with no luck, not just hoping for the best trying actually timing, charting, using clear blue fertility monitor, various herbs and vitamins and do the funky business every other day for 10 cycles and still nothing.

No one every told me it could be this hard, the disappointment when each month it doesn’t work never gets any easier. At the start it was like, ‘oh it will happen soon’ but as the months go on and the hope of having a 2013 baby fades it gets harder and harder to wonder if in fact there is a problem and that’s why we haven’t fallen pregnant yet.

I turned 35 in February, an elusive age for those trying to conceive, you read the books and it’s all about how your fertility drops so much at 35. Though, is it like did I go to bed fertile at 34 and wake up at 35 with half the chance?? Needless to say I don’t believe that but I can’t help but get a little scared thinking maybe I’ve left it to late?

We had decided if I wasn’t pregnant by my 35th birthday we would take some tests so we did. 4 days after my birthday we went to a private clinic (we have not been classed as trying long enough on NHS) to do a basic fertility assessment, this involves bloods to test your ovarian reserve, sperm analysis and an ultrasound scan. Tomorrow we go back for the scan and our results and I’m a little scared if I’m being honest with you.

What if there is something wrong, what do we do then? What if there isn’t… What’s taking so long then? There are so many questions with not many answers for the control freak in me, this is not good!

I know that no matter what happens, I have the support of my amazing husband, who has taken all of this on his shoulders, been the strong one when I have not been able to be and kept my head above water many times. We have each other and hopefully in time we will have a family of our own in the meantime, this journey is making us stronger and more in love and together than I ever thought possible.

Praying the results are good, if not I will face it head on with the only person I can ever imagine standing side by side with.

Claire xx

How do you keep on going?


How do you keep going when you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall? That’s what I seem to keep asking myself time and time again.

Here we are again, the beginning of another cycle. Not only do you have to deal with the disappointment that this brings, Mother Nature hits you with the hormones and emotions. Pain and tears don’t give you a reprieve on the whole thinking about it front that’s for sure. I’m quite lucky and don’t suffer to much pain, the odd cramp here and there, they probably hurt more psychologically though, each one triggers that sinking feeling that yet again this is not our month.

Gone are our hopes for a 2013 baby, this month was the last month that was possible and as much as I don’t like to admit it, that actually hurts quite a lot, when we started this journey we always believed whole heartily that we would have a baby in 2013 and now for that not to be happening is just another thing I’ll have to get over. There are so many things on this journey that I’ve just had to get over and it doesn’t get any easier that’s for sure.

Though there is nothing else for it, the only way to achieve what we want is to just keep on going, to approach each month with motivation and hope that it will be us soon. I just need a day to find it again.

Claire xx

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The dreaded Two Week Wait


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The Two Week Wait

Anyone who is trying to conceive (TTC) will know this dreaded time like the back of their hand, the time between ovulation and waiting on your period to arrive is more commonly called the two week wait. In medical terms it is your luteal phase and it is normally between 12-14 days long.
Until TTC I never knew that two weeks could feel so long, a time where you live in hope of this month being the one that will result in that longed for BFP (big fat positive) on the pregnancy test and more often than not reading into every possible thing you experience as being a sign you could be pregnant.

I have had a few two week waits where I have driven myself insane, looked into every single niggle, Dr Google becoming my best friend but of course only picking out the parts that I wanted to hear, the positive stories that my symptom of that time led to a BFP for someone, ignoring most of the things that told me I was being daft and convincing myself that this was the month because I had x,y & z so it must mean I was pregnant! Thankfully I’ve stopped most of that now though I do admit to still jumping on Dr Google here or there or surfing the Babyandbump website, though I learned pretty quickly to stay off the tww board on there! It would send you pretty daft if you let it.

I thought I would share with you some of my tips to help you get through the two week wait, they are working for me and I find most of the waiting game to not be to difficult anymore.

1- Take up blogging. I didn’t start this blog to talk about TTC but it is such a big part of my life and now that I have posted about our Journey it is a good distraction from actually always thinking about things if that makes sense.

2- Keep busy. Nothing helps more than keeping busy, if you are busy you can’t sit and think about it every second of the day. I took up crochet recently and have found that not only does it help me to relax but I’m that busy trying to figure out what I’m meant to be doing I don’t have time to think about what my body may or may not be doing.

3 – Spend some time relaxing. This is a hard one, relaxing in the two week wait is something that really needs to be worked at and certainly for me did not come naturally.  To help me I turned to relaxation CD’s and in my searching came across Circle & Bloom they focus on having a healthy mind and healthy body and along with programs that you can buy they offer a free fertility relaxation 10 minute program that you can download if you click on there name above.  I have found it to be really helpful and have since bought their program for natural fertility which I try to use most days.  It at least gives you that 10-15 minutes time out each day which I find really useful.

4 – Stop Obsessing over ‘Pregnancy Symptoms’. I hear you already, this is easier said than done, but you really need to do it.  Try talking to yourself rationally or talk to yourself as if it was a friend who was doing this to herself, what would you say to her? You need to keep telling yourself that many women get a BFP without any symptoms at all and others have all of the symptoms going but their period turns up religiously.  The progesterone you produce after ovulation can cause you to feel all these so called ‘pregnancy symptoms’  whether you are pregnant or not.  To try to lower you anxiety you really need to remember that signs don’t always mean anything and that this point I urge you to stay off Dr Google, he is the work of the devil in the two week wait.

5 – Support. As I have said before I am a talker, I feel that support during this whole process is really important, if you don’t feel you can lean on anyone in real life you can be anonymous on a forum like BabyandBump  where you can talk to others in the same situation or start a journal.  But if you do you need to remember point 4!! I have belonged to this forum for most of our time trying and have found it to be so helpful though you do need to be careful you don’t obsess on there maybe work on time limiting yourself to only being on the forums for a certain length of time per day.  Also remember to lean on your partner, although they will never understand how it feels to go through the two week wait as you do, it is important to them as well.

6 – Pregnancy Tests. My tip is to set a date when you will test, say the day your period is due or the day before.  Testing too early can really add to your stress and send you up the wall not to mention how much money it costs to be testing everyday from say 6 days before you are due on.  And yes before you say it, I know that there are tests out there that say that they can show you up to 6 days before but if you do this each month and don’t get the results you want it can be a very expensive job keeping up with the amount of tests you are going to need!


It is difficult! I know only to well from experience that carrying on as normal through the two week wait can be one of the hardest things to do, you are trying to embark on one of the most life changing events and this could only be a few long days away, these days drag by and it’s so hard to not just focus on counting down the days.  People who have never experienced the two week wait will find it difficult to understand the anxiety and obsessions that come from it and just how you are pining all hopes on this being your lucky month so my advice would be to not bring the subject up with them as their replies may just irritate you.

My own thing I hope is for us all to get back to living and enjoying our lives no matter which point in our cycle we are.  We don’t need any extra stress or anxiety especially not stress that we bring onto ourselves.  So if you are entering a two week wait soon, make a plan with yourself to try and take back some control it’s the only place we have the ability to!


Claire xx


60 Questions


Oberazzi via Compfight

I have seen other bloggers I follow doing this and thought it would be a bit of fun for my blog, so here are my 60 questions and answers.

1. How old are you in five years? 40!! Oh dear God….
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My husband and our doggie.
3. How tall are you? 5 feet 10 inches
4. What is the last movie you saw? Argo, I ended up quite enjoying it. We are trying to watch more movies and Friday night is now movie night in our house.
5. Who called you last? My Mum, I missed the call as usual, it may help me to actually turn my ringer on!
6. Who did you call last? My Mum, as I needed to return her call I missed!
7. What was the last text message you received? My sister. She has just started making jewellery and was sending me pictures. I love seeing what she is making.
8. Do you prefer calling or texting? Texting normally but call my Mum & Dad as they are not so good with texting.
9. Are your parents married or divorced? Married.
10. When did you last see your mother? Actually about 10 days ago which is nice as we don’t live in the same country
11. What color eyes do you have? Green
12. When did you wake up today? 8.30am
13. What is your favorite Christmas song? Oh Holy Night (probably the only religious song I like)
14. What is your favorite place? Anywhere near the sea. Must be the Pisces in me
15. What place do you prefer the least? That’s a really hard one, I don’t think I have a place I would say I don’t like.
16. Where do you think you will find yourself in ten years? Hopefully a Mum with a least one child but hopefully two.
17. What scared you about the night as a child? Probably things living under the bed.
18. What made you really laugh last? A text from my sister telling me a story that she could hear her neighbours shouting at each other about.
19. How big is your bed? King size, I need my space when I am sleeping.
20. Do you have desktop or laptop computer? A laptop but to be honest the only thing I know use it for is blogging, most other things I do on my iPad.
21. Do you sleep with or without clothes on you? With, I’m not one for no jammies.
22. How many pillows do you have in bed? Two, one each.
23. How many provinces have you lived in? Not that many.
24. Which cities have you lived in? Not all cities but have lived in Belfast, Isle Of Man and now a town in Central Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh.
25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet? Socks or tights. Never barefoot, unless it’s summer and on grass!
26. Are you social? Quite but find it harder to be social as moved when I was older and it is much harder to make friends when everyone already has their own lives.
27. What is your favorite ice cream? Honeycomb
28. What is your favorite dessert? Apple pie and custard
29. Do you like Chinese food? Like it, favourite is probably beef and black bean or chicken curry
30. Do you like coffee? Yeah, don’t drink too much of it though and it has to be decaf.
31. What do you have for breakfast? Normally stick to cereal.
32. Do you sleep on a particular side? Right hand side, I sleep on my right normally and hate being able breath people’s breath so I need to be able to lie away.
33. Can you play poker? No
34. Do you like to cuddle / snuggle? I like it but I am not overly tactile.
35. Are you a dependent person? I like to think I am very independent. Though I love spending my life with my husband.
36. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Yes quite a few
37. Do you have children? No but dream of having them sometime soon
38. Do you know any other languages than English? I learnt French at school and recently learned some Spanish for when we got married in Spain.
39. Have you ever driven an ambulance? No!
40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? Definitely the ocean.
41. What do you spend any money on? Books, things of eBay and lunches at work as I am too lazy to make them.
42. Do you have precious jewellery? My engagement and wedding ring are the most precious things I have.
43. What are your favorite shows on TV? My secret pleasure is Real Housewives (Currently making my way through Beverly Hills ones) love lots of things though and box sets with the husband.
44. Can you roll your tongue? No
45. Who is the funniest person you know? Probably my friend Kirsty – she has a very dry sense of humour
46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No that is just a little weird as an adult
47. What is your ringtone? For my hubby it’s Jason Mraz I’m Yours For everyone else its Snow Patrol Crack the Shutters though I’m really bad at actually turning the ringer on!
48. Do you still have clothes from when you were little? No
49. What are you closest to you right now that is red? My Crochet bag
50. Do you flirt much? No
51. Can you change the oil on the car? I think I could if I had to
52. Have you received speeding ticket ever? No
53. What was the last book you read? Safe House by Chris Ewan, it was great.
54. Do you read a newspaper? I have to admit to reading Daily Mail online, though I take most of it with a pinch of salt!
55. Subscribe to a magazine? No. Though I have just discovered that you can get free subscriptions to certain magazines through our library so I have just started downloading them to my iPad.
56. Are you dancing in the car? Not right this second but I have been known to.
57. Which radio station did you listen to you last? Capital in the car today
58. What was the last thing you scribbled down on paper? The readings for the electric meter of our rental cottage
59. When were you at church last? Christmas Eve
60. Are you happy? Mostly yes


Claire xx