As I’ve said before I am a person who craves knowledge, I’m often found with my nose in a book researching things so naturally IVF has been no different.,

I started by ordering The Complete guide to IVF by Kate Brian

IMG_0967.JPG It got very good reviews on Amazon and it sounded like something I would benefit from and it hasn’t let me down. It’s easy to read and I find I have been able to dip in and out of it, only reading parts that were of interest to me at that time. Kate writes in a relaxed but informative manner and takes you right through the IVF process having been there twice herself she is more than experienced to share what IVF really entails. I would recommend it to anyone about to undertake IVF for the first time.

Jessica Hepburn’s The pursuit of Motherhood is a memoir of Jessica’s journey through infertility and treatment.

IMG_0965-0.JPG it is a heart breaking honest account of the ups and downs of infertility. It made me feel I wasn’t alone in this journey and at times like someone was reading my mind. Jessica has managed to capture all the thoughts and feelings of infertility in such a moving but sensitive way.

More recently I seen a newspaper article which linked to the books of Anne-Marie Scully so I downloaded them to my kindle.

IMG_0964.JPG Her first book Mother Hoodwinked is her infertility memoir. With heartbreaking honesty Anne-Marie takes you on her journey from her initial optimism and excitement at finally trying for a baby, through to her increasingly complex pregnancy plan. The book is funny and sad and again it was like someone was reading my mind at times. Anne-Marie manages to describe the process of IVF in great detail and got me to think about things totally differently than I had done.

She has also recently released another book Five Million Born A companion guide to IVF, this book aims to guide you through the steps of IVF. It explains everything you need to know about the different options available in a very clear and factual way, from getting funding (if needed) to ways to deal with the emotional & physical aspects of IVF. It’s very well written and again I have been able to dip in and out of it as I’ve felt the need. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with the trauma that is infertility.


Do you have any other recommendations?

Claire xx

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  1. I’ve read loads! Inconceivable by Julia Indicova is amazing! I’ve read zita west books, emma cannon books have great receipes, I’m reading the Tao of fertility right now.

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