The small things that have made me happy over the month of July.

There has been plenty of time spent at The Helix

Freezing cold beers to ease stressful days

20140726-211801-76681364.jpg There have been maxi skirts, feet out and sunshine days

20140726-211941-76781128.jpg Exciting but nerve wracking post received

20140726-212046-76846097.jpg My first ever loom band bracelet made by my gorgeous niece.

20140726-212230-76950033.jpg Sneaky Schnauzers sitting on cushions and making me laugh.

20140726-212715-77235802.jpg Practicing for a cake for a very special little boy who is turning one next month.

20140726-212836-77316863.jpg Schnauzer’s the size of The Kelpies

20140726-213009-77409659.jpg Sunshine filled days spent in the garden

20140726-213148-77508788.jpg Schanuzer’s in paddling pools

20140726-213216-77536366.jpg Quality time spent together

20140726-213240-77560879.jpg Al fresco dining

20140726-213440-77680907.jpg One of the hottest days of the year falling on my days off.

20140728-075949-28789432.jpg it’s nearly Festival time in Edinburgh which means a run of preview shows in my home town for half the price.

20140801-080210-28930690.jpg Ending the last hour of my working day on the last day of the month doing this 🙂

Claire xx

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