Spring is here

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Inspired by Rebecca over on Florence finds and her recent post The Big Spring List I decided to make my own list for things I would like to achieve over the next few months.  Some may be more achievable than others!

  • 1 – Spend more time doing things as a couple with my hubby.  We have just come back from a lovely week away together and it has made me remember how much I enjoy spending time with him and how easily we can forget to actually ‘do’ things when we are at home.
  • 2 – Following on from number 1, I want to find more walks that we can do with the dog or go to different places just for walks. We walked loads on our week away and both really enjoyed it.
  • 3 – Finish my first ever crocheted blanket for my new niece or nephew.  I am still learning crochet and this feels like a big project for me.  Nearly finished it now though!
  • 4 – Plan our holiday in June.  We are spending two weeks touring Ireland in a motorhome so need some idea of where we are going and what we want to do.
  • 5 – Get our garden ready for sitting out in.  We plant pots and hanging baskets each year as it is far easier with the dog that having flower beds.
  • 6 – Make some of the things I have pinned on pinterest.
  • 7 – Get pregnant (this one is a whole other post in itself!)

What’s your plans?

Claire xx

4 comments on “Spring List”

    • I will blog them if I actually manage to make them look anything like what I have pinned! 😀
      Thanks for the dust, lets hope it comes this way and works! xx

  1. So easy not to have time for number 1 isnt it! Looking forward to hearing about your garden, your hols and all the things you are going to make.

    Our spring plans unfortunately just involve saving saving saving for the new house, which we hopefully move in to in July! Then i will also need garden tips as I cant keep any plants alive!

    • Ohh money saving, we are doing a lot of that too 🙁 rubbish but necessary. Your new house sounds lovely! What a nice thing to be doing over the summer. xx

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