Saturday nights in this house are normally all about sharing a big bag of crisps. I had carried on doing this until a few weeks ago, deciding to just not bother looking into the amount of Syns they were. But since getting serious about losing the last bit of weight to get to my first target I thought I would look to see if there were any alternatives.

That’s when I came across the amazing YouTube account of SW Junky and in particular this tutorial on Syn Free crisps.

They are gorgeous, they really tasted like crisps and were nice and crunchy. I did worry that they would be a bit soggy or tasteless but they really aren’t. I just did mine with Salt and Pepper and I will definitely be making them again.

Why don’t you give them a try.

Claire xx

3 comments on “Syn Free Crisps – Slimming World”

  1. Aww this was lovely to come across on my random search for Sw junky on the net. Thank you for writing such a lively post about the crisps it’s certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you Claire. Are you on Instagram? Xx Tracy xx

    • Hi Tracy! Thanks for the lovely comments 🙂 Yeah I am on instagram and follow you. I’m Manxclaire xx

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