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Slow cooked Irish Stew ~ Slimming World


Serves 4

Syn Free


500g stewing beef
1 large onion ~ roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves ~ crushed
300g baby potatoes
5 small carrots~ roughly chopped
400g swede ~ roughly chopped
2 bay leaves
Tsp dried Thyme & Tsp dried Parsley
350ml of beef stock
350ml of vegetable stock
Salt and Black pepper

Add all ingredients to your slow cooker (I don’t brown the meat prior to adding to the slow cooker) give it all a good mix up and pop on low for 8 hours.


C xx

Baked Oat Muffins ~ Slimming World Friendly 

  I have been wanting to try something different with my HexB rather than using it on cereal or bread and have seen a few variants of baked oat muffins online and thought I would try my own.

Now strictly these are not free on slimming world as I did add blueberries before cooking and if you are 100% slimming world this would need to be synned. 


35g plain porridge oats (HexB)
50mls skimmed milk (From your HexA)
1 egg
50g Frozen Blueberries – 1 syn cooked
2tbsp sweetner
1tsp vanilla extract

Mix ingredients together in a bowl, place into silicone cases and cook at 180c for 20-25 mins. You need to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. Once cooled, pop out of the cases and enjoy! 

Claire xx 

#walk1000 miles in a year challenge ~ update month 2 & 3

I decided back in January to try to complete the #walk1000 miles in a year challenge. It works out at 83 miles per month and I’m pleased to sit down today and work out I’m still on target! 


I use my Fitbit to measure my weekly miles and am still finding it really motivates me to get those extra few steps. 


It still amazes me when I see the monthly figures, I never believed that I actually walk that much. There is definitely more than one bonus to having a dog. 

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday ~ monthly update

I have to put my hands up and admit I have really struggled these last few weeks. Since the IVF failed I’ve just bounced around, gaining, losing, gaining again. In the back of my head is the want to lose at least 1-2 stone before the end of the year but my motivation has been poor. I struggled to do any meal planning or in fact any cooking in the first few weeks after and just ate crap. Self destruct mode I suppose, which I know I’m good at. 

I started a new meal plan on Sunday, and have got back on plan this week. I know it’s only been a few days but I feel better now I know I’m taking control back. 

Overall over the past 6 weeks (since my last Weight post) I’ve gained, 


There have been weeks it’s been much worse than that but I’ve pulled it back. I know I probably sound like a stuck record, I always have done where my weight is concerned so sorry about that but putting it out here is trying to make myself accountable. 

Fingers crossed it works! 

Claire xx

Easy tomato soup ~ Slimming World


I was passed this recipe by a friend who had found it online here after I commented to her that it smelt amazing and just like Heinz!

I’m always after new soups so was hoping this one would be a new favourite and it’s certainly up there.

Free on Extra Easy

Ingredients –

2 tins tomatoes
1 tin baked beans
1 tin carrots
2 tbsp sweetener
2 small pickled onions
1 pint vegetable stock

Put all ingredients into large pan, blend together and Simmer to heat.

See, easy peasy and lovely!

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday weigh in time again!

I managed a good amount of miles over the week which I am very happy about.

But…. there always seems to be a but recently. I still am struggling getting my eating back on track and am craving sugar like no ones business. Most days I have given into it and had bars of chocolate or nipped to the bakery (bad Claire) yesterday I had to work so hard at not giving in. I did manage it but I’ve no idea why I’ve been like this recently. I was hoping for a good loss after my 4lb gain last weigh in but that would require me not to eat the cakes! Anyway I did lose by some sort of a miracle.


I really want at least another half stone or more off before we start IVF so I really better do something more about the sneaky treats!

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Making myself accountable after having two weeks off plan, eating and drinking…..lots!

Oh dear, not good, not good at all. But putting it down here as made me stop and think, I need to get back onto it from today, now to give myself a swift kick.

One good thing from last week was the amount of miles my Fitbit clocked up. We were away camping for the weekend and the steps added up really quickly.


So here’s to a healthy week.

Claire xx

Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday comes round very quickly! Time for another weigh in day. My long dog walks added up to

20140611-075205-28325905.jpg with my Fitbit measuring a nice

20140611-075231-28351648.jpg I still really love my Fitbit and even quite a few months later it still drives me on to walk that bit more each day, it’s been worth every penny.

Eating wise has been a bit hit or miss. I eat when I’m anxious and seeing as I not only have an interview this week but also our IVF appointment coming up you can guess I’ve been eating too much at times. I have managed to keep it under control enough to still get a small loss this week which I’m happy with

I had wanted 2lbs this week and 2 next week to get to my own personal goal for IVF appointment but I doubt that will happen. Still though I am 11lbs under the weight they had set for me to join the list so I’m very happy with that!

C xx

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 31

So I finally managed to get myself back into some sort of healthy lifestyle choices this week after my big gain of the last few weeks. I’ve been back out doing my long dog walks, managing to clock up.

The Fitbit as usual as been running in the background all day and I’ve managed a nice

The major thing this week has been to get myself back into the zone for eating, I had found I was allowing little sneaky treats to slip back in here or there when I had relaxed ‘because I was on holiday’ I’m sure any one trying to lose weight knows exactly how that feels! So this week saw me back to basics, writing it all down. I also saved my syns up during the week as I had lunch out, Friday, Saturday & Sunday! I’m back to not drinking alcohol though and I’m very pleased to report last weeks gain to be gone.


Now I have two weeks to drop another 4lbs if I can to get me to my own goal for my initial IVF appointment…..

Claire xx

Weight loss Wednesday -Week 28

This week I have been trapped in a room doing a long training course so I feel that I really haven’t had the chance to get my normal amount of steps in. I did still try and get my long walks in and again managed,

20140513-210127.jpg as I said though, it’s my overall steps I feel have suffered and it has really shown me that despite not feeling overly active at work that I am in fact on my feet quite a lot in between visits.

Food wise though, I’ve not been sticking to things fully, I’ve stopped writing it down and I’ve been eating a few to many biscuits at this course. So this week I’m still happy to report a loss but a small one.

But a loss is a loss and onto a new week!

Claire xx