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Resolutions…goals…new leaf…whatever you want to call them! 

I wasn’t going to make a resolution for New Year, I have some personal goals that I want to work on this year but I’m not going to bore you all with my mundane lists for life (though some may appear in blog posts through the year!) 

Over the last few days though, I’ve had a bit of internal revelation. There is something I’ve been doing, particularly over the last year. I knew I was doing it, knew I needed to stop doing it, I kept telling myself to do something about it but I didn’t. 

I had become selfish, not my usual way at all. I used to describe myself as thoughtful, caring, always wanting to do things for others, taking an interest in them. Over the past year I’ve allowed myself to be slowly stripped of those qualities, forgetting important things in my friends lives, not texting, even if it’s only to say hello. 

Well today I’ve put a stop to that. I’m making a conscious effort to get re involved with my friends, re involved with life. Thankfully they have all stuck by me and I love them for that! 

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ July Edition 

It’s all the small things that have made me smile in July.  

 Tiny cuddles with our tiny houseguest.  

 Hedgehog spotting. 

 Getting back into exercising and feeling good.  

 Two pooches finally lying side by side after two weeks together.  

 Seeing these results on my monthly measurements!  

 Fitting all our immense camping kit into my new car and heading off for the weekend. 

 Managing to get tent set up without too many cross words.  

 Sitting outside as the sun started to set.  

 Being teased by the campsites geese.  

 Refreshing my soul with good seaside views.  

  Taking seaside family selfies.  

 Drinking coffee and admiring the view.  

 Letting someone get comfortable.  

 Discovering Northumberlands national park.  

 Being a little underwhelmed by the waterfall we climbed miles to see.  

 Getting ready for the most special little man in my life turning two.  

 Laughing in the face of summer! Once I lowered the umbrella. 

Now let’s see what August brings. 

Claire xx 

It’s the small things ~ November edition

The small things that have made me happy over the last month *disclaimer, features lots of sunshine pics to start. Sorrynotsorry

IMG_8912.PNG There was comparing the weather forecast whilst lying by the pool.

IMG_8931.JPG Cocktails by the marina.

IMG_8934.JPG Beautiful marina views.

IMG_8955.JPG Cloud watching.

IMG_8969-0.JPG Anniversary cocktails at the end of the pier.

IMG_8988.JPG My first viewing of the ‘holidays are coming’ ad!

IMG_9003.JPG Beautiful sunrises

IMG_9022.JPG Scotland excelling itself with beauty at sunset.

IMG_9037.JPG Memories of my beautiful Granny.

IMG_9054.JPG 5th Birthday’s celebrated.

IMG_9066.JPG Hearts filled with hope.

IMG_9086.JPG First red cup of the holiday season enjoyed.

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ October Edition

The small things that have made me happy over the last month.

IMG_8693.JPG There was a double rainbow and a wish made.

Autum Schnauzers posing.

IMG_8772.JPG Saturday afternoon cocktail drinking.

IMG_8777.JPG Amazing cocktails drank, hair let down and all the worries of the last few weeks let go.

IMG_8784.JPG Seaside visits that were good for the soul.

IMG_8840.JPG Autumn batch cooking.

IMG_8844.JPG 3rd Wedding Anniversary celebrated.

IMG_8845.JPG and because I love our wedding photos an extra picture!

IMG_8852.JPG Amazing gifts from very special friends.

IMG_8868.JPG A well needed holiday countdown begun!

IMG_8878.JPG The last park walk done until the light nights come back .

IMG_8892.JPG Autumn holidays departed.

IMG_8898.JPG life celebrated with cocktails in the sun.

IMG_8894.JPG Beach sunsets admired and all troubles pushed to the back of our minds

Claire xx

Random acts of kindness in a world of a lot of pain

People never cease to amaze me and since being open about our fertility struggles the way that people have supported us and willed us on has been amazing! The support from my twitter & forum friends have been second to none, yes I have never met them but they are my friends none the less, these girls get me more than I can imagine and I have been so lucky/overwhelmed/appreciative of the little things that they have done for me over these last few years.

I wanted to do this post to show how random acts of kindness are the best and to show you how these lovely ladies surprise me time and time again and of course to thank each and every one of you who have supported/willed us on and continue to do so. I’m so happy that I decided to share our infertility issues. It’s good to share!

IMG_8526.JPG A hug in a card from the lovely Kirsty arrived just when I needed it the most.

IMG_8527.JPG A sign of hope from the amazing Janine, this now hangs from my fridge where I look at it every morning and remember to have hope.

IMG_8529.JPG Daring to believe book filled full of positive quotes from my amazing Sister. This sits on my desk at work giving me a gentle reminder each day.

IMG_8528.JPG This arrived in the post one day totally taking me by surprise, it’s from a very old friend who I discovered was in a very similar boat to me. Infertility is a very small world and only by being open about it have I found out there are so many people that I know going through this.

IMG_8520.JPG The amazing Jo, a girl I met on Babyandbump right back when we were waiting to try and have become firm friends ever since sent me some real life ‘baby dust’ and a lovely card to put in my IVF positive corner.

IMG_8543.JPG These gorgeous ear rings were sent to me by my sister.

I want to thank each and every one of you, for every tweet, every virtual hug, for every blog comment, for thinking of me when I needed it the most and I want to thank you all just for being you! It is helping me more than you can imagine.


Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ August Edition

Some of the small things that have made me happy over the last month.
IMG_8221.JPG There has been a week spent in the South of Ireland

IMG_8234.JPG Seaside visits

IMG_8242.JPG Quality time spent together.

IMG_8265.JPG Visits to wildlife parks for first birthdays.

IMG_8273.JPG First birthday celebrated and cakes eaten.

IMG_8325.JPG Old fashioned sweet shops visited.

IMG_8339-0.JPG Irish house blessings bought for the hallway.

IMG_8352.JPG Schnauzer loom bands given.

IMG_8349-0.JPG Picnics at the beach.

IMG_8355.JPG Seafront dog walks.

IMG_8379.JPG Football stadiums toured.

IMG_8381.JPG Dinners out and wine enjoyed.

IMG_8388.JPG Blow out pizza and movie night to finish our holidays.

IMG_8389.JPG Shaggy dogs appearing.

IMG_8426.JPG Peaceful coffees enjoyed.

IMG_8432.JPG Medication started

IMG_8446.JPG Disney movies watched.

IMG_8474.JPG Loch’s walked around.

IMG_8476.JPG Non shaggy dog reappeared!

What are the small things you have enjoyed this month?

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ July Edition

The small things that have made me happy over the month of July.

There has been plenty of time spent at The Helix

Freezing cold beers to ease stressful days

20140726-211801-76681364.jpg There have been maxi skirts, feet out and sunshine days

20140726-211941-76781128.jpg Exciting but nerve wracking post received

20140726-212046-76846097.jpg My first ever loom band bracelet made by my gorgeous niece.

20140726-212230-76950033.jpg Sneaky Schnauzers sitting on cushions and making me laugh.

20140726-212715-77235802.jpg Practicing for a cake for a very special little boy who is turning one next month.

20140726-212836-77316863.jpg Schnauzer’s the size of The Kelpies

20140726-213009-77409659.jpg Sunshine filled days spent in the garden

20140726-213148-77508788.jpg Schanuzer’s in paddling pools

20140726-213216-77536366.jpg Quality time spent together

20140726-213240-77560879.jpg Al fresco dining

20140726-213440-77680907.jpg One of the hottest days of the year falling on my days off.

20140728-075949-28789432.jpg it’s nearly Festival time in Edinburgh which means a run of preview shows in my home town for half the price.

20140801-080210-28930690.jpg Ending the last hour of my working day on the last day of the month doing this 🙂

Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ May edition

May has been a lovely busy month, here are some of the small things that have been making my month.

Hamish has been practicing what he learned in puppy school.

There have been plenty of coffee moments

Gardening time

Walks around the Kelpies

First attempts at crochet booties

Birthday present making

Woodland bluebell spotting

Wedding anniversary invite making for my in laws

Surprise travel plans

Remote island visits

Favourite drinks, drunk

Birthdays celebrated

Sunsets admired

Tall ships viewed

Important letters received

Sunshine enjoyed

New job interview prep started

And #marriedmay taken part in


Claire xx

It’s the small things ~ March edition

Oops, I more than a little late with my small things for March.

We had a week away so expect a few scenery shots!

There has been gorgeous burger making.

And lessons learned in hoping

And plenty of lake viewing on holidays, in you guessed it, the lakes.




There has been Schnauzers blowing in the wind

Horses heads and canal side beach huts

And lovely sofas finally arriving after a long 12 week wait.


It’s the small things that make me happy.

Claire xx