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Pregnancy, Slimming World & Multiple Sclerosis 

Well that’s a title and a half isn’t it! Obviously those of you who follow my blog know all about my success with losing weight with Slimming World, being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and then finding out that after a long battle with infertility that I was pregnant.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about how to manage my weight alongside having a healthy happy pregnancy with limited impact on my Multiple Sclerosis. There are lots of things to think about there, but already I’ve been met with a lot of comments verging more on the negative side. I know overall people don’t mean it but commenting on the fact that I’m trying to look after myself during this pregnancy by continuing to follow Slimming World is quite annoying! 

My first trimester was not good eating and looking after myself wise. I had constant nausea from week 6-13 and the only thing that really helped was eating, but of course, fruit and vegetables weren’t going to cut it. The only thing that helped were white carbs and lots of them. When I eventually took myself back to my Slimming World group I had gained 13lbs at 15 weeks pregnant which was a shock to the system! But it was the shock that I needed to help me rethink exactly what I was doing (and eating) and thankfully my weight gain appears to have slowed down lots which is so much better for me both personally and physically.

I have another extra level to think about too with my recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Before falling pregnant I was following a fairly strict MS friendly diet which again went to the wayside somewhat in the first trimester. The MS diet focuses a lot on keeping saturated fat content low along with being more plant based with no refinded foods and it gets great results. That is something that I am again trying to refocus on.

As I said, I’ve had lots of comments about why I’m crazy to be even thinking of following Slimming World, that I should just eat what I want, that I’m going to gain weight so just go with it, to not weigh myself at all during pregnancy as what’s the point. I obviously know I am going to gain weight and I’m happy to do so, this is something I have dreamed of for many years, jeez it was one of the key reasons I lost the weight in the first place. But I am not willing to jeopardise my health for ‘eating for two’ there is too much at risk for me if I gain too much weight.

So what’s the plan then? I have bought a gorgeous new pregnancy friendly slimming world diary which I’m going to start keeping track of what I’m eating, I’m going to weigh in at my Slimming World group monthly. I’m going back to basics with my MS friendly plan incorporated into Slimming World and I’m going to relax and be happy knowing that I’m doing my best to look after myself and my baby during pregnancy but also making as much attempt as I can to not be holding too much weight post birth that may affect my mobility with my MS.
My lovely Fox and Moon planner

Wish me luck! 

Claire xx 

Maintaining weight loss ~ 6 months on

This week marks me getting to 6 months of maintaining my weight loss!! Wow, you don’t know how good that actually makes me feel seeing that in black and white. To be honest with you all, I never thought it would be possible. I didn’t think deep down that I would be sitting here 6 months on, not having gone out of my target range, actually overall sitting just below my target weight for those 6 months.

Like many people I’ve lost weight before, I’ve also got to ‘target’ weight before using both Scottish Slimmers and Weightwatchers, you could call me a serial target achiever! One thing though which I am sure is obvious is that once at target I’ve never been able to maintain it…..until now.

I finally feel like I have beaten my food demons, sitting 6 months on, still a target member, has shown me that I’ve got this.  I dared to believe in myself when I got to target with Slimming World that this time I could make the changes stick with me and so far I’ve achieved that.

Six months on from achieving my target, there has been lots that have stayed the same.  I still track all my food in a food diary and post all my meals on my Slimming World Instagram account and I try to stick to Slimming World principles. I still weigh in at my Slimming World group fortnightly but I’m getting to the point of thinking of changing this to monthly. Weighing in at group is something I know for sure that I need to keep doing, that’s the one thing I never did before…..I always felt that I could go it alone once I achieved the weight I wanted to be but I proved to myself that that approach doesn’t work for me.

However there has also been some changes. I am not 100% just Slimming World anymore. I have used these last months re educating myself further regarding nutrition, I’ve used Myfitnesspal to help me stay on track and particularly to help me build up the amount of calories I had been eating to a more sustainable level without gaining any weight. I’ve added in healthy fats, proteins, nuts etc without synning them but I still syn ‘treats’ to ensure I don’t go too crazy.

My focus is now on exercise and building muscle along with toning, I’ve fallen in love with HIIT training and I love how my body is changing. It’s by no means perfect but it’s come so far.

Some things I have learned being a target member is that, maintaining weight loss is harder than I imagined. Finding a balance is hard, learning what your body needs is hard, getting your mindset to change to feel happy with no longer seeing losses on the scales is hard. But once it clicks with you, it feels so good! Whether you mix it up like me, stick 100% to plan or have weekends off or treat plates, you need to do what is right for you!

Thank you Slimming World for helping me to get to this point in my life, thank you for letting me dare to believe that I can do this.

Bring on the next six months!

Claire xx

My top 10 Slimming World must haves. 

Starting out on any healthy eating plan can be quite overwhelming and Slimming World is no different. Over the time I’ve been following it I have come up with my top 10 slimming world must haves to make my life easier.

Slimming World Top 10 Must haves - SW MagazineThe Slimming World magazine has been so useful for me. It’s available in group earlier and for 80p less than in the shops so a bargain too! It’s packed full of inspirational stories and recipes and I normally find at least 2 new things to try every month. I’ve also been taking the recipes out of all the magazines and putting them into an A4 lever arch file for easy to reach recipes.

Slimming World Top 10 must haves post - Full Spice Rack A large spice rack and every herb and spice you can imagine!! This spice rack that screws onto the inside of your cupboard door was a lifesaver for me, no more pulling out every bottle trying to find the one you want. Obviously I didn’t buy these all at once, it’s easy with Slimming World to be building up these kind of store cupboard ingredients as you are making more recipes.

Slimming World Top 10 Must Haves - Food Diary My food diary. I write down everything, every single day and find its the only way that I don’t cheat myself. It’s so easy to forgot something you had when you were rushing around in work and overeat syns without thinking.  I’ve had lots of different Troyes of food diaries but currently love this one that fits into my Filofax planner. I just change the kcal used to syns used and it works perfectly for me. Plus it’s very pretty.

Slimming World Top 10 must haves - Slimming World InstagramThe wonderful world of Slimming World on Instagram. I post all my food pictures on there and I find it so helpful. Just search out the Slimming World Hashtag on there and a new world opens right up. There are so many inspirational people on there that you can’t help but get motivated by. I love it and if I’m totally honest am a little addicted. Just don’t go on when you are hungry!

Slimming World Top 10 must haves - Syn tinA selection of go too things that you like. I’m a snacker so having a bowl of low syn/calorie things that I can just reach for if the notion takes me is a must for me.

Slimming World Top 10 must haves -  Cook BooksSome slimming world cookbooks, I don’t have loads but these ones are a total must for me. Especially the extra easy express one which is just perfect for those after work meals and is my most used cookbook.
Fat Free Yogurt Fat free, syn free yogurt. Great to add to Overnight OatsSyn Free Pancakes or for having on its own with some speedy fruit added to it. If you don’t like flavoured yogurt you can always buy some fat free natural yogurt and sweeten it if you like.

Frozen FruitFrozen berries are a total life changer for me. Either put some out in a little bowl overnight in the fridge to defrost before putting on top of your breakfast or take some out frozen and sprinkle them over your yogurt. Cheaper but just as good as fresh and they don’t end up going bad in the fridge on you before you get the chance to finish them.

Almond and coconut milk are my go too for breakfasts as you get so much more for you healthy extra A allowance. 600mls of coconut milk or 500mls of the Almond. If you buy the unsweetened Almond you get a massive 1 litre! One thing though is it is not nice in coffee at all in my opinion and I’ve ruined many a good coffee trying it.  Perfect for breakfast cereal though and a staple in my shopping.

Slimming World top 10 must haves - water And I’ve left the easiest and cheapest thing to last. My absolute must have for Slimming World or any healthy living lifestyle has to be water.  I think we can all hold our hands up and say that unless we are actively thinking about it then it is highly likely that we don’t drink anywhere near enough.  I aim to drink at least two litres a day and have noticed so much difference, not only to me overall weight but for my general health as well.  Totally a winner for me.

What are your go to Slimming World or healthy living must haves?

Claire xx

Slimming World Friendly Pizzas 

Who says you can’t have a Slimming World Friendly Pizza!

Slimming World Friendly Pizza
Made using a healthy Extra B option and part Healthy Extra A along with any syns for your toppings, this is a low syn, easy to make ‘healthy’ option for those wanting that little bit of treat night food.


Weight Watchers Wrap (Healthy Extra B)
lighter mature Cheese – 15g grated (Part Healthy Extra A)
Diced Chorizo – 10g (2 syns)
Slice of Ham – diced
Green Chilli – finely chopped
Tomato Puree – 1 tbsp or more according to your taste
Oregano – 1 tsp
Spinach – pre cooked by placing in boiling water for a few minutes and water squeezed out.

Simply spread your wrap with the tomato purée and sprinkle the oregano then top with whatever toppings you have decided on and pop under the grill until your cheese melts.

Super simple and tasty!

Claire xx

Mushroom Stroganoff – Slimming World Friendly 

Mushroom Stroganoff – Slimming World Friendly

Follow my recipe for an extra easy syn free Mushroom Stroganoff which is Slimming World Friendly

Ingredients – serves 1 – syn free

1 small onion
120g mushrooms, chopped
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 vegetable stock cube
100ml hot water
100g fat free natural yoghurt
Pinch of thyme
1 tsp parsley fresh or dried
Black pepper

Cook the onions gently in a pan sprayed with fry light, until the start to brown. You can add a tablespoon or two of water to stop them sticking if you need to.

Add the mushrooms, crumbled stock cube, tomato purée and thyme, stir for around a minute. Then add the 100mls of hot water and simmer gently for 3-4 mins or until it has thickened a little.

Remove the pan from heat and stir in your yoghurt. Return to heat and warm gently for a few seconds. Sprinkle with the parsley and black pepper and serve.

I served mine with pilau cauliflower rice.


Claire xx

Scan Bran Carrot Cake ~ Slimming World friendly 

My gorgeous friend from  Instagram shared this recipe a little while ago and I thought I would try it today. 

It works out at 10 Syns for the full cake or 4 Syns if using the Scan Bran as your healthy extra. There was no way I was planning on eating the full thing so I worked out each of my slices as 1 1/4 Syns each. 

Ingredients – makes 8 slices

For the cake. 
5 Scan Bran – blitzed to a grain (6 Syns) 
2 large carrots, grated
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
3 tbsp sweetener
2 tbsp sweet mince meat (4 Syns)
3 eggs beaten
Drop of vanilla Essence
Drop of almond Essence

For the topping 
200g Quark
Drop of vanilla Essence
1 tbsp sweetener

  Mix all the ingredients for the cake in a large bowl then transfer to a silicone cake tin. Microwave for 3 1/2 – 4 minutes (the sides should come away a little) 
Leave on a rack to cool 
Once cool, mix all the ingredients together for the topping then spread over the cooled cake. 
I then sprinkled with further cinnamon. 

   Serve with some speedy fruit on the side and enjoy!

Claire xx 

Slow cooked Irish Stew ~ Slimming World


Serves 4

Syn Free


500g stewing beef
1 large onion ~ roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves ~ crushed
300g baby potatoes
5 small carrots~ roughly chopped
400g swede ~ roughly chopped
2 bay leaves
Tsp dried Thyme & Tsp dried Parsley
350ml of beef stock
350ml of vegetable stock
Salt and Black pepper

Add all ingredients to your slow cooker (I don’t brown the meat prior to adding to the slow cooker) give it all a good mix up and pop on low for 8 hours.


C xx

Raspberry and Banana Tarlets ~ Slimming World Friendly 


I seen these on The lovely tillymints instagram account and thought I needed to try them. They turned out lovely! 


Makes 18 Tarlets at 1.5 syns each. 

Mini sweet pastry cases from Sainsburys 
1 x banana & custard Muller light
1 x sachet of gelatine
cinnamon to taste

  They are super easy to make. 

  • Dissolve the gelatine in 50mls of boiling water.
  • Add in the yoghurt and cinnamon to your taste and stir well. 
  • Pour into pastry cases, leave to cool and set. 
  • Top with your favourite speed fruit. 


Claire xx 

Slimming World ~ an update. 

Goodness it’s been a long time since I did a Slimming World post, I stopped doing weekly weigh in posts as I thought they would end up boring and I had all intentions of doing monthly ones but I kinda got lazy. However I did still keep going to group and do you know what? It paid off! 

After 19 weeks at the group, this happened!  

 I am over the moon. My BMI is now classed as ‘normal’ which was one of the targets I had set myself (mainly driven by my wish for more IVF)  


I have lost a total of 3 stone and 12lbs, now granted 1 stone odd of that was to get me on the IVF waiting list way back last year so it has taken me a lot longer than others but that doesn’t matter, I’ve done it, I’ve got to target, I’ve lost a massive 54lbs! 

I’m wearing clothes size 12/14 which was the target I set myself before I started. I’m learning to be happy with what I see in the mirror and the pure happiness of just picking something up of the rail and it fitting is something I won’t tire of anytime soon. 

Obviously I’m not naive, I know the hard work is only just starting. I’ve been successful with losing weight before but I’ve never managed to keep it off. Slimming world feels different though, actually I’m quite confident to say it is totally different. I managed to not regain all of what I had lost despite going through one of the most emotional times in my life…..twice…. So I’m hoping that what I have learned through Slimming World will now be the basics of my every day life. 

The one major thing I am going to do is to keep going to the group. When I’ve lost weight before I got my target then never went back, obviously that approach doesn’t work for me so it’s seems obvious what needs to change this time. 

Now I need to learn to maintain, or there is always the possibility in the future of lowering my target weight if I feel my body is better at a different weight, we will see how the next few months pan out. At the minute I just need to get my head around being at ‘target’.

Claire xx 

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Monthly Update


It’s that time of the month again for my monthly Weight Loss Wednesday update. I didn’t quite achieve my goal I set from last month of losing 6lbs but I am happy to report a loss of;  

I’ve reflected a lot over this last month and I am more than happy to set myself a goal of losing 1lb a week. Losing 1lb a week from now until Christmas will get me to my target weight and a bmi under the elusive figure that I want. I don’t overall feel that bmi is a good indicator of health but seeing as my main motivation for weight loss is IVF, bmi plays a factor in all clinics and therefore bmi is where I need to be focusing on in my run up to target. 

I have noticed some major changes in how I look recently, I know I only lost 4.5lbs this month but for some reason my body seems to be changing shape and I like it.  

 I tried on a size 14 slim fitting trousers when my current work ones were beginning to get too big and I couldn’t believe that they actually fitted! Now they may be a generous 14 but I don’t care, I’m owning that they are a blooming 14!! 

Overall I have lost just over 3 stone. Amazing!! 

Next month we will be away for two weeks, so my monthly update will be a little later. I’m setting the goal of 5lbs to lose. 

Claire xx