The lovely Kate from Katetakes5 has revived her Listography and this time it’s all about the Simple Pleasures in life.

I suppose this post really adds on my regular feature of It’s the small things.  I think it’s really important to allow ourselves to stop and look around us and appreciate those simple pleasures in life and here are my top 5.

1. My best pal

20140302-102940.jpg no simple things post could be complete without a reference to this little man. He asks for nothing, well apart from being fed! But gives back so much. Feeling down? Not for long when he jumps on top of you with the excitement that would make you think he hasn’t seen you for years.

2. Lazy Sunday morning coffee

I work one in three weekends so when I have a Sunday morning off I love to sit back with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

3. My kindle

I have really tried to get back into reading this past few months and I’m using a mixture of my kindle and good old fashioned books. I love my kindle though, so simple to use and you can have so many books loaded at once. Perfect for holidays!

4. Flowers or tulips to be precise!

20140302-150843.jpg I love this time of the year as tulips are well and truly in season. There is not a week that will go by where I don’t have a bunch of tulips and they never fail to make me smile. Simple.

5. Candles

20140302-151046.jpg I love candles, especially in the winter months when I light loads and only have my bunch of fireplace lights on. It makes me feel so content.

What are your favourite five simple pleasures?

Claire xx

4 comments on “Top 5 Simple Pleasures – Listography”

  1. Love all these apart from the coffee – not a fan, strange I know, it’s just too strong a taste for me. You can’t beat a doggy welcome to lift your mood. We always have flowers on the table it just brightens the place up & tulips are so simple yet striking & candles well I could buy & sell candles I have so many! Great post
    Bee Happy and Healthy

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