Valentines 1

Well Valentine’s day has been and gone.  I hope all of you who do celebrate it had a lovely time.  I know it’s all very commercialised and we don’t need one day to show our loved ones how much we care, but I do like to do something special just to remind each other how much we love each other.

We can all get so caught up in the big stuff of daily life that we can forget the simple things and I like Valentine’s to just be able to stop and sit and remember how much we love to spend time together.  We don’t do big gestures and we don’t spend too much money, a card, some flowers and a little bit of love hearts spelling out messages were all that were necessary to put two big smiles on our faces yesterday.


Valentines 3


Valentines 2My most favourite flowers from my gorgeous hubby!

And another good thing about Valentine’s day is it starts the countdown to my birthday on Thursday!

C xx

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