Wednesday weigh in time again!

I managed a good amount of miles over the week which I am very happy about.

But…. there always seems to be a but recently. I still am struggling getting my eating back on track and am craving sugar like no ones business. Most days I have given into it and had bars of chocolate or nipped to the bakery (bad Claire) yesterday I had to work so hard at not giving in. I did manage it but I’ve no idea why I’ve been like this recently. I was hoping for a good loss after my 4lb gain last weigh in but that would require me not to eat the cakes! Anyway I did lose by some sort of a miracle.


I really want at least another half stone or more off before we start IVF so I really better do something more about the sneaky treats!

Claire xx

4 comments on “Weight Loss Wednesday”

  1. Well done!
    I’m intrigued by the FitBit – do you think it helps more than a phone app? Debating getting one but they seem a bit pricey if it’s pretty much the same as an app!

    • I’ve never just used an app for counting my everyday steps Gwen. I love the fitbit as I pop it on, forget about it and it does all the hard work. I dont need to remember to turn an app on or anything like that. The fitbit ‘one’ also measures the amount of floors you climb a day. I do love mine and find that having it on makes me walk further during the day. I used to use a different gps Map to measure my long dog walks but the app for Fitbit now does that too which is great.
      On top of steps, calories and floors it also has a food diary and you can put it into sleep mode to measure how well you are sleeping.
      I did wonder when I first bought it if it was worth the money but for me I would say yes without a doubt. I love seeing how many steps I’ve walked and love getting my weekly stats email. I would recommend to anyone !

    • Oh that is interesting Claire. It could be playing a large part in it as despite me trying to convince myself I’m not stressed there is no way that is true. I’ve been good the last two days and sugar withdrawals have kicked in. Must keep going. Xx

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