Week three and I’m still managing to stick to the slimming world plan and keep up with walking.

This week I’ve managed to walk another 17 miles. I’m really chuffed with myself, there has been some nights where I’ve really had to force myself to go out but I did and I feel good being able to put it up here.


I really think putting what I’m doing on the blog is helping, I have been thinking about it during the week and feel it’s really motivating me which can only be a good thing.

I’ve started writing down everything I’m eating since Monday. I was thinking about what I was eating but not monitoring it properly so I am hoping this will make me feel more in control.

I’m am pleased to report this week loss as:


I must admit to be a little disappointed with this, I know I shouldn’t be but I really wanted to get at least 2lbs off per week to be anywhere near the weight I need to be! Especially with all the walking I’ve been doing I was hoping for more. But a loss is a loss so I better just keep going.

I’ve also decided to add a total weight loss to the bottom of my Wednesday posts so I can remind myself how well I am doing. So far I’m please to report after week 3 –


Claire xx

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