Week five of slimming down is here. As I thought last week, I wasn’t able to get as much walking in this week as I have been doing the last few and then yesterday I felt really poorly so only managed a short one.

I still managed to do ~

Which is still a lot more than what I was doing before I started my healthy living plan.

This week I have managed to lose ~


I’m really pleased with that, especially as we had takeaway on Saturday followed by a 3 course lunch on Sunday after the christening. I did try and follow the plan though whilst eating out and it has paid off. That’s the thing with Slimming World, seeing as it’s based on healthy good choices rather than counting calories etc it feels easier for me just to implement it in my life.

So after week 5 of Slimming World I’m pleased to report ~


Claire xx

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    • Sorry the comment did go into spam 🙁 thank you so much! It’s hard work but I’m feeling it now I can see it’s working, all hopefully for something great at the end of it 🙂 xx

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