Week 6 of slimming down has not been smooth.

I have still managed a good few walks and clocked up a respectful ~


Eating wise though I’ve not been as good as I have been. I’ve been feeling stressed and have found myself reaching for comfort food. I was hoping to up my weight loss this week but that hasn’t happened. I’m not going to be too hard on myself though and am still very happy to report.


As I knew I hadn’t been great for weightloss I decided to redo my measurements. I had first done them back at the end if August when I first restarted trying to lose weight again. I must admit I’m over the moon with these figures.


So onto a new week, one where I need to knuckle down. I still need to lose another 9lbs to get put on the IVF waiting list so a little while to go yet.

Claire xx

2 comments on “Weight loss Wednesday”

  1. Yay!! Your inch loss numbers are amazing 🙂 and another pound off shouldn’t be sniffed at. What do you reach for when you want comfort food, savoury or sweet? I used to be sweet so would have some sugar free jelly to try and trick myself! Xxx

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