Wednesday comes round very quickly! Time for another weigh in day. My long dog walks added up to

20140611-075205-28325905.jpg with my Fitbit measuring a nice

20140611-075231-28351648.jpg I still really love my Fitbit and even quite a few months later it still drives me on to walk that bit more each day, it’s been worth every penny.

Eating wise has been a bit hit or miss. I eat when I’m anxious and seeing as I not only have an interview this week but also our IVF appointment coming up you can guess I’ve been eating too much at times. I have managed to keep it under control enough to still get a small loss this week which I’m happy with

I had wanted 2lbs this week and 2 next week to get to my own personal goal for IVF appointment but I doubt that will happen. Still though I am 11lbs under the weight they had set for me to join the list so I’m very happy with that!

C xx

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  1. Good for you! A loss is a loss & you are doing wonderfully – I too tend to eat when stressed & need a better habit of exercising when stressed would do me a whole lot more good! I keep losing my fitbit recently mind like a sieve at mo

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