Oops, I’m a little late with this months post. It should really have gone up last week but with still being in the middle of my IVF cycle I really wasn’t pressuring myself to do a weigh in post. 

Weight gain on IVF cycles have been a real issue for me, gaining a ridiculous amount during the drugs, tww and the emotional eating aftermath. This cycle I really watched what I was eating whilst upping my protein and lowering sugar and carbs and although I am still reporting a gain overall, I’m pleased to say it’s only.

Today sees the return to healthy eating. I need to be so careful to not allow myself too much emotional eating now the cycle has failed again. 

If we are to cycle again in a year or so I would like to weigh at least 1-2 stone less than I do now so I still have some work to do. 

️C xx

2 comments on “Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Monthly update”

  1. Hi – I noticed that you mentioned you would be tweaking the formal SW diet to take account of undergoing IVF, and was just wondering what these tweaks were? I’ve managed to put on 1 stone and 4 lbs during two prolonged periods of down regulating and about to start stimms on Friday so need to get my diet in good shape as exercise is proving difficult. Thanks in advance xxx

    • Hi Rachael, firstly I want to wish you so much luck for this cycle.

      As for the healthy eating, I mainly watched my calorie count using my fitness pal but used all my slimming world receipes for main meals, increased my protein intake to around 90g per day (fits in well with the new SW SP plan) reduced carbs but did add in lots of nuts, protein shakes and avocados which would have put me well over my Syns allowance but with watching my calorie count meant I only put on a couple of pounds this cycle. Good luck xx

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