It’s time for another Weight Loss Wednesday monthly update. This month I joined a local group, I was hoping that it would get me motivated I would see consistent weight loss each week. Well the first part has been true, it has managed to get me motivated but I’ve not seen the numbers go down the scales the way I had hoped. 

The first week at group I only lost 1lb……, the second was better with a 2.5lb loss. This week I wrote everything down, tried three days of the new Extra Easy SP plan and MAINTAINED!!  To say I was gutted was an understatement. I didn’t change anything eating wise from the week before apart from doing the SP days so I still can’t understand what went wrong? Maybe my body actually needs carbs to loose weight, God only blooming knows! 

Overall though I’m happy with my weight loss for this month. I had set myself the goal of losing 5lbs and getting into the next stone bracket and I’m proud to say I managed that.  


This month I’m going to set my goal at 6lbs for the month which will also get me my 1/2stone award at group and a nice little shiny sticker. 

Claire xx 

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