It’s weight loss Wednesday monthly update time again.  I’ve had ups and downs this month but I am beginning to feel that, that is just the way things will always be for me.  Some weeks I have stuck 100% to plan and not seen the results on the scales then there was the week I changed nothing and got a 3lb loss.  My body just seems to do what it wants to do!

One thing I have focused on is trying to increase my exercise and to drink more water.  I really struggle drinking water over the course of the day at work as because I work in the community it’s never far from your mind when you might need the toilet.  I have been trying though to drink more especially as I have increased my exercise levels.  On top of my normal walking on average of 20+ miles per week I have also added in some arm Dumbell workouts and I am trying to do 1-2 elliptical workouts per week.

I have been to group every week though to be honest I have been wondering if it is actually doing what I wanted it to do, it was mainly to increase my motivation which it has done but I’m still not overly convinced on the ‘image therapy’ part.  I am sticking with it though – probably because I bought a 12 week countdown and there are aspects of the group that I like so maybe it will continue to grow on me.  I suppose overall I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to group and it still feels a little ‘different’ from things I have done before.  I did get my 1/2 stone award in group though so I was happy with that.  It was one of my challenges for this month so it gets a big tick from me.  My other goal was to lose 6lbs and I am pleased to say that I managed to achieve this too.

Overall I am very happy with this!  I need to learn to not be too hard on myself if I don’t see the loss on the scales that I was hoping for, but to look over the weight loss of the month to give myself a better boost in motivation.  I also took measurements last month so i will be looking forward to seeing how I am getting on with those when I remeasure. This months weight loss has now brought my grand total to – 

This month I am setting myself the goal of getting my 1 stone sticker in group and I am hoping for a loss of another 6lbs.  Fingers crossed!

Claire xx

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