It’s that time of the month again for my monthly Weight Loss Wednesday update. I didn’t quite achieve my goal I set from last month of losing 6lbs but I am happy to report a loss of;  

I’ve reflected a lot over this last month and I am more than happy to set myself a goal of losing 1lb a week. Losing 1lb a week from now until Christmas will get me to my target weight and a bmi under the elusive figure that I want. I don’t overall feel that bmi is a good indicator of health but seeing as my main motivation for weight loss is IVF, bmi plays a factor in all clinics and therefore bmi is where I need to be focusing on in my run up to target. 

I have noticed some major changes in how I look recently, I know I only lost 4.5lbs this month but for some reason my body seems to be changing shape and I like it.  

 I tried on a size 14 slim fitting trousers when my current work ones were beginning to get too big and I couldn’t believe that they actually fitted! Now they may be a generous 14 but I don’t care, I’m owning that they are a blooming 14!! 

Overall I have lost just over 3 stone. Amazing!! 

Next month we will be away for two weeks, so my monthly update will be a little later. I’m setting the goal of 5lbs to lose. 

Claire xx 

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