I started back to Slimming World at home on the 3rd January. It’s been a 5 weekly weigh ins month but I’m over the moon to be reporting.


I’ve been getting back into it fine and have even managed to be adding in some protein smoothies to prepare for IVF by using syns.

I do still find that in order for me to lose weight I do need to be eating most of my allocated daily syns a day which is something I struggled to get my head around until I also started adding everything to MyFitnessPal and seen how many calories, fat, carbs and protein I was eating a day. It really helped me see that on some days I was eating well below my allowance if not using my syns.

Hopefully the next few weeks will be seeing me start on a new round of IVF. I need to adjust my diet accordingly to add in some things that are really helpful for egg quality etc. This cycle though will be all about balancing slimming world and MyFitnessPal to ensure I don’t put on the 10 odd pounds I did the last time through treatment and comfort eating!


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