So I tried a half hearted attempt at losing weight recently that didn’t really see me losing that much! It was all driven by being told I needed to lose weight for the next step with fertility treatment (which I never really believed we would need) so I really didn’t try that hard, I lost some weight, yes, but not anywhere near enough and then I went on an All Inclusive holiday and kind of put it all back on again. I’m so annoyed with myself that the one thing I could try and take control of, I didn’t. Give me any other things to try whilst ttc I go at it with 100% backing but not this. I’ve stopped asking myself why, why the threat of not being able to go any further with the fertility clinic wasn’t enough but it wasn’t, I’m trying to change that though.

So that brings us to returning from holiday, me weighing myself and promptly cancelling the next fertility clinic appointment which was meant to have been on the 2nd November.  There was no point in going to it as my last letter from them states that they will not start the next stage of treatment until I weigh what they want.  I didn’t want to go and feel ashamed that I hadn’t actually done what they asked.  So instead I cancelled, rebooked in for a further 6 weeks and got out all of my slimming world stuff to menu plan for the next two weeks.

I have been out walking most days and have managed to get in over 12 miles in the past 9 days which is amazing for me, I think walking will be an easier thing to fit in as my husband is no longer around during the day so I need to take the dog out each night when I get in.

This weight loss Wednesday is actually over 9 days as I first weighed in on the Monday that we returned from holiday but Wednesday’s are better for me to get weighed on so here is the return of Weight Loss Wednesday. I am over the moon to report……


I have been so good this last week or so to get the weight off that I put on on holiday, following slimming world to the tee, no takeaway treat and no alcohol this week either. I feel so much better getting this big amount off and realise that I won’t have it again!

My main thing at the moment is just to keep up the motivation and to make sure I get as much off before going back to the clinic.

Wish me luck!

Claire xx

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