Weight loss Wednesday has been missing a couple of weeks, I’ve been following it in the background but I’ve not been having such a great time in my personal and work life so everything has been neglected.

I have booked annual leave next week so I am hoping to get back on to enjoying things and hopefully get some blogging done! So watch this space.

Last week I got together on twitter with a few of my friends and we decided to help each other lose weight. We are all reporting to each other each week for weigh in and supporting each other during the week by text and boy have they had to support me this week. I’ve had real trouble with insomnia that threatened to take over most of my life, or at least it felt that way, so I’ve not been eating much at all. You would think that would mean weightloss, but not for me, a sneaky jump on the scales on Monday and I had put on nearly 3lbs…..I mean really?!?!

So with the support from the girls I have made sure I am eating properly and we are also motivating each other but using this app.


We are all able to become friends and then when you log a workout it lets your friends know, it’s been great for motivating me and my exercise has gone up so much, especially when you see the other ladies logging things on there.

So weigh in day was this morning and although it’s not great I’m pleased to report a loss, considering I had put 3lbs on on that sneaky weigh in on Monday losing a pound today will have to be!


I am going to continue on with making sure I am eating enough and keeping up with the exercise, my cross trainer has been dusted off and I am attempting more walking, on Sunday I went for a 4 mile walk, my poor dog was knackered!

C xx

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