So we are back from holiday and my week off weigh in last week, which also turned into a week mostly off plan. I ate & drank mostly what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t go completely crazy and tried to make sure I was putting into practice some of Slimming World principles but I did struggle with doing it away from home. To get me back on track I did weigh in on Saturday and was pleased to have only had a gain of 2 3/4lbs which I was happy with. Having a sneaky go on the scales put me straight back into the zone and from Saturday I have been 100% back on plan.

I’ve also managed since Saturday a very healthy:

20140318-215743.jpg I did over 4 miles going along a gorgeous walk right on out doorstep on Sunday and really enjoyed it.

Last weeks stats for the Fitbit came by email today too and I was blown away by the amount of walking we actually did when we were away and how many floors (big blooming hills in the lakes)

20140318-220053.jpg 32 miles!! Say what?!?!

I think the fact I walked so much when we were away coupled with stopping alcohol as soon as we got back and back on plan 100% has really helped me this week. I am amazed that I have not only lost the couple I came back with on Friday night but I’ve added another 1lb to it! I’m so surprised, I know it’s probably all the alcohol coming out of my system though!.

And today I’m also skipping round the room as I have hit the two stone lost mark.

I’m loving Slimming World!

Claire xx

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