As you can see from my #JanuaryJoy post earlier, I’ve invested in a Fitbit which tracks all my activity but for the purposes of Weight Loss Wednesday and my miles walked I am going to stick to only writing down my long walks like I have been doing all along.

20140115-075540.jpg So this week I’ve not managed as many long walks as usual. I missed one 4 mile one at the weekend so my miles aren’t as high as usual.

I’m pleased to report this morning I broke another stone barrier and am now in the right stone bracket at least to make that important waiting list phonecall. Just 6lbs to go!

I’m trying to up my walking at work too to give a little more boost and I really need to stop nipping for a snack when I’m feeling stressed! (I still haven’t got that part stopped yet) but at week 12 I’m pleased to report ~


Claire xx

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