I have to admit I’m struggling a little again. I’ve joined up with some friends on My Fitness Pal to see if that will help me but to be honest I’m finding it hard to fill it in as it goes on calorie counting and obviously Slimming World doesn’t work on that at all. I’m not sure if it will just end up too confusing but I’m giving it a try.

This week I have managed a few long walks, clocking up ~

I’ve also been wearing my Fitbit every day and I’m totally amazed with the amount I have done in a week!

22 miles! That is just crazy. You would think with that amount I would be losing loads, not just a pound!

20140121-220132.jpg I’m obviously eating too much. It’s not rocket science, but I’m following Slimming World and am under my fitness pal calories each day. I’m not really sure what to change, apart from sewing my mouth shut. Obviously there is still a part of me despite wanting a baby so much is determined to sabotage my efforts for whatever reason. Sometimes I have no idea what goes on in my head but at least it’s slowly coming off.

Only 5.5lbs to go.

Claire xx

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  1. I know you have an actual weight loss target and a reason for getting there, but could it be that the target is part of the problem? I know when I have been trying for a specific weight I have self sabotaged because not being there has made me feel so bad about myself I have wanted to punish/comfort myself with food. As you have a medical reason to reach a specific target though I am not sure how this will help now but I really do hope things get easier for you soon. x

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