So for any of you reading who didn’t see my post on Friday, this happened!

I was chuffed to bits to finally lose that 1lb to be able to make the call to the sub fertility clinic. Now my next challenge starts.
I have set myself the goal of losing another stone, losing the weight for IVF only just put my BMI to under 29 so I still have a way to go to actually be deemed the correct weight. I don’t like BMI though, I feel that it doesn’t take into account your shape etc and I feel if I actually slimmed down to where they want me to be I will not be myself if that makes sense? I will never be a size 10 and I am fine with that, I feel that another stone will just be nice to get me down another clothes size and I know I will be happier with how I look there. I’ve been there a few times before! The major problem for me is keeping it off, I am really hoping that Slimming World is the answer this time. It really is more of a lifestyle change, no counting of things, which in turn used to add to me making bad choices and using checks or points on the less good for you foods. Slimming world has ensured that I change the way I think and plan food and it has got me cooking from scratch. I recently shared a picture of one of my cupboards with my sister and she was amazed! I would have been lucky before to have had a few jars of spices, now I have had to buy a spice rack for my door just to hold the amount I have.

I’ve said it before but something needs to change and I think that through this process it has. Slimming World needs to be a lifestyle choice and I believe that because it is just that, simple and easy to adapt to your daily life that this will be my turning point. It needs to be, I need to get out of this yoyo weightloss world that I seem to keep finding myself in. My target weight this time is a stone heavier than was set before so I am hoping that that gives me the ability to stick to it and manage to find my happy weight around that amount.

So anyway, after that long ramble, here are the stats for this week.

Dog walks have gone well again, managing a nice.


And over the course of the week I’ve managed a very respectful 25 miles:


I’ve continued being good over the weekend and I’ve also started drinking green tea. I don’t know if this has helped but this week I am over the blooming moon to report a loss of.

Making my total lost so far 1lb shy of 2 stone!


There won’t be a weight loss Wednesday next week as we are off to the lakes for a little cottage holiday. Now my challenge will be to put some of my Slimming World approaches into practice there too.

C xx

5 comments on “Weight loss Wednesday ~ Week 19”

  1. Go you! Think setting the next stone as a goal is a great way to look at it – anyways I have been struggling bit last few weeks but feeling like I can get back to this! I now have a FitBit!! I loved your stats & look forward to seeing my miles rack up so if you have any tips let me know Clare x

    • Ohh how is your fitbit?? I love mine, it really makes me walk that bit more just so I can see how much I have done each week. I’m happy with setting the next stone mark, I think it’s achievable and hopefully I will feel content at that weight 🙂 Sending you loads of PMA to get back into it! xx

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