Gosh Wednesday really does come round quick! It’s Weigh in day again.

This week I’ve been out on a few long walks, it was my weekend working though so I always miss out on some walks due to being on shift all day Saturday & Sunday. I did still manage a nice,


I’m back to the norm with my fitbit stats after the huge amount on our week away getting a respectable


Food wise I’ve stuck to the plan 100% and I’ve been feeding my new found addiction to Green tea, have you tried the new Salted Caramel or Gingerbread flavours?! Even if you don’t like Green tea which I don’t, you may like these. I love them and with some links for Green Tea with weight loss and fertility I’m hoping I’m onto a winner, either way I’m enjoying drinking it and that’s all that matters. These week I’m pleased to report another loss


Bringing my total loss up to,


Claire xx

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