Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I’ve had a great one! I was off for the full four days which is basically unheard of in my job so we really made the most of it. We were also very blessed with good weather (for once) so got out and about quite a lot.

Some of my long walks I forgot to measure but for the ones I did I managed a good.

Thankfully I had my fitbit on and I was amazed when my stats came in this week at just over 30 miles.

I also managed the most steps in one day so far on Friday with just over 15k

However with bank holidays, comes eating and especially Easter bank holidays where I have to admit to indulging in chocolate and fish & chips (which were to die for and worth every syn!) the only thing that’s saved me this week is all the walking that’s for sure, though I’m happy to report that I stayed the same this week, it could have been a lot worse!

I decided to do some measurements this week as I knew I would be lucky to stay the same never mind lose any weight and I thought they would spur me on seeing the inch loss. It sure has.

I can’t believe how many inches losing 35lbs has given me.

Claire xx

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