It’s been my weekend at work this week so not as much walking as I would have liked this week. I’ve tried adding little extras to the long walks to try and make them up and am still happy with my Fitbit stats.

I’ve tried to get back on plan and I would say I’m there about 80% but not fully. I’ve been lazy and ordered a takeaway and we have also been out for lunch and coffee and cakes. The rest of the time though I have been sticking to plan. I’m happy to see last weeks gain come off again this week plus a little extra 1 lb!


My plan this week is no takeaways!

Claire xx

4 comments on “Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 27”

  1. Check you being bit more relaxed & still getting a loss, just shows it’s the things you do repeatedly that matter the most Great stats to I’m def trying to up my game this week!

    • I think it was a fluke! Lol. My steps will be well done this week too as I’m stuck in a room training for five days. Will need to make sure I don’t eat the biscuits with the coffee!! Xx

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