So I finally managed to get myself back into some sort of healthy lifestyle choices this week after my big gain of the last few weeks. I’ve been back out doing my long dog walks, managing to clock up.

The Fitbit as usual as been running in the background all day and I’ve managed a nice

The major thing this week has been to get myself back into the zone for eating, I had found I was allowing little sneaky treats to slip back in here or there when I had relaxed ‘because I was on holiday’ I’m sure any one trying to lose weight knows exactly how that feels! So this week saw me back to basics, writing it all down. I also saved my syns up during the week as I had lunch out, Friday, Saturday & Sunday! I’m back to not drinking alcohol though and I’m very pleased to report last weeks gain to be gone.


Now I have two weeks to drop another 4lbs if I can to get me to my own goal for my initial IVF appointment…..

Claire xx

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