Well I have stuck to my exercise this week, tracking everything under the Mapmywalk App, which by the way allows you to also enter workouts not just walking.


I’m really pleased with what I managed and it’s a lot more than I usually do so great start. A few other lovely twitter ladies also signed up after last weeks post and we are now all supporting each other to be more motivated.

So exercise was good, eating not so much! My in laws where here for the week so we had a few meals out, quite a few glasses of wine and plenty of bread. I tried to be make healthier choices but I did sometimes struggle so this week was another 1 lb off.

I’m not going to say only as to be honest a pound is great seeing as I was out so much.

Anyway I am back to it, from Monday I have properly been following Slimming World plan again, I’ve been off work and cooking some lovely meals so hopefully next week I can report a better loss.

Still a loss is a loss and you can’t complain about that.

Claire xx

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