I’ve had a lovely weekend away but I have had to pay for it.

I didn’t manage my aim of staying the same and to be honest was a little embarrassed to have to post a gain in here, especially only on week two. But then I thought actually that was a good thing, being public about it means I need to make sure I don’t allow myself to have to post gains too often.

So back to it today, I’m working this weekend so it makes it a lot easier to stay on track. I really need to stop drinking wine though, I can never lose weight when I drink it so I will need to find a less calorie laden drink for these summer nights. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks because the sun is out that it’s a excuse to have a wee glass. Especially when the sun very rarely comes out in Scotland!

Claire xx

4 comments on “Weight loss Wednesday – Week Two”

  1. I rarely drink but have lately and it has impacted on my waistline so can see why that could be your downfall – 2lbs is not too bad though – it can be made up this week I am sure x

  2. Good luck Claire! I’m in a similar situation, doing Slimming World. I realised g&t had to be the answer instead of wine as its just so much better for Syns. I’m struggling a bit too right now feeling hard done by but we will get there!

    • Good luck Claire! Have you been doing it long? You are right spirits are the answer as far lower in syns, I think I need to learn to pour myself a long one so I feel that it’s similar to wine.

      Good luck to you and thanks for your support xx

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