Today the 31st May, marks world Multiple Sclerosis day.  A day to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis worldwide, to show people what it is like to live with this illness day in and day out, to try to get a little bit more understanding of life with an invisible illness.

As most of you know who read my blog already, I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the latter part of last year, though like most people, I have been most likely living with the illness for the guts of 10 years.  I count myself lucky that up until the 20th August 2016 any symptoms that I was experiencing, that can now be linked to the illness were not impacting on my day to day life.  That all changed on that day though when I lost the use of my left leg and slowly over the course of two weeks, the majority of my left side.  It was a scary time and I was very lucky to get an urgent MRI which resulted in a very quick diagnosis.

My life changed forever on the day of diagnosis and slowly I am learning a new way of life, life that has to be planned that little bit more due to the high levels of fatigue that I now live with.  My symptoms are mostly invisible to others, though when my legs decide to stop working everyone can see that part!

Mainly my MS affects my mobility, some of my more ‘invisible’ symptoms include: Numbness, weakness, spasticity, fatigue, bladder issues, bowel issues and fatigue.  When I write it down like that it seems like a lot!  
Multiple Sclerosis is an unwelcome visitor in my life but it is one that I need to learn to live with, please help me along the way by trying to understand it that little bit more.

Claire xx

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